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Chip Resistor Networks

A series of ACN is a Fixed Chip Resistor Array.The structure is an alumina substrate and highly reliable resistive pastes printed with thickfilm printingtechnology.

ACN Product List
Outline Number of elements Series Data sheet
1.0mmÁE.0mm type. 2 ACN1E2G series (pdf/366kb)
2.0mmÁE.0mm type. 4 ACN1E4G series
1.6mmÁE.6mm type. 2 ACN1J2G series (pdf/381kb)
3.2mmÁE.6mm type. 4 ACN1J4G series
3.2mmÁE.6mm type.(convex corner type.) 4 ACN1J4B series
1.6mmÁE.6mm type. 2 ACN1J2N series (pdf/280kb)
3.2mmÁE.6mm type. 4 ACN1J4N series
3.2mmÁE.6mm type. Common terminal type. 8 ACN1J8H series (pdf/382kb)
3.2mmÁE.6mm type. Common terminal type(reverse circuit type). 8 ACN1J8F series
3.8mmÁE.6mm type(0.5mm pitch). 8 ACN1J8G series (pdf/358kb)
4.0mmÁE.1mm,side common terminal type. 8 ACN2A8T series (pdf/363kb)
Common packaging specifications (pdf/39kb)
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