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New arrival technology spectroscopic imaging equipment

Product and technical information
Product information
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Technical information
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New arrival technical information
Introduction of in-house
developed technical information
Spectroscopic imaging equipment

Spectral imaging device with a new technology which conventional devices don't have is developed.
Feature or information which cannot be captured by human eyes or imaging camera can be captured.


Optical related news

2017.05.25     We have won [Spectroscope Innovation Award] for our lecture at Spectroscope Innovation
      Research conference of The Spectroscopical Society of Japan.
2017.05.25     Ichiro Ishimaru, professor at Kagawa University, has won 21st Century Invention Prize for
      Encouragement in the commendation category 2 of Japan Invention Award 2017
of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for [Ultra compact infrared spectral imaging device(hyperspectral camera).]
2017.05.25     Our spectral imaging device will be exhibited in 'Infrared Array Sensor Forum 2017'
      (7/21: Osaka Ibaraki campus / Ritsumeikan University)
2017.05.25     Our spectral imaging device is jointly exhibited with Vision Sensing at their booth at Image
      sensing show 2017.(6/7-9 : Pacifico Yokohama)
2017.05.13 Lecture, [A flesh development of spectral imaging - Development and practical usage of Palm-sized
infrared spectral imaging device (hyperspectral camera), will be held at Spectroscope Innovation Research conference of The Spectroscopical Society of Japan.
(5/23-25 : Nishi Waseda campus at Waseda University)
2017.05.08 System that uses our spectral imaging device is jointly exhibited with 'Kiyohara Optics Inc'
at their booth at 30th Interphex Japan.
  (6/28 to 30 Tokyo Big Sight)
2016.12.05 We made presentation on our spectral imaging device at the 14th Annual Meeting of
      the Japan Association of Medical Spectroscopy(JTMSTS)
2016.12.02 Mika Ishigaki, assistant processor for Kwansei Gakuin University, won 2016 NIR Advance Award for
      [Near-infraered spectroscopy/Imaging Biological Applications/Industrial Applications,] using our spectral imaging device in her studies.
2016.12.01 Exhibited at the 5th ANS2016(Asian NIR Symposium 2016).
2016.11.15 Exhibited at the 3rd spectroscopy Fair.
2016.09.15 Development of our spectral imaging device was acknowledged and
      [Practical usage of Ultra compact infrared spectral imaging device(hyperspectral camera)]won Advanced Analysis Technology Award-JAIMA Instrument Development Award 2016(The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry)

Applied field of spectral imaging device

Band 1D one shot 2D time domain Application field
Visible Color evaluation
Near infrared(1)
Near infrared(2)
Infrastructure inspection
Food inspection
Far infrared
Resin sorting
Gas analysis

System configuration example of spectroscopic imaging apparatus

1D one shot   2D time domain

Line up of spectral imaging device

1D one shot type spectral imaging device
Model Measureable wavelength range Size Weight Resolution Interface Lens attachment
VS00-T030 400-1000nm Φ18x50 0.1kg 12nm USB C mount
NS00-T011 900-1700nm Φ15x40 0.1kg 50nm LAN C mount
MS00-T010 8-14um TBD TBD TBD TBD M25
2D time domain type spectral imaging device
Model Measureable wavelength range Size Weight Resolution Interface Lens attachment
VT01-E011 400-1000nm 120x86x55 0.9kg 10nm CameraLink C mount
NT01-E020 900-1700nm 140x102x60 1.2kg 8nm CameraLink C mount
  1000-2100nm 140x102x60 1.2kg 13nm CameraLink C mount
MT01-E020 8-14um 140x12x60 1.2kg 170nm CameraLink M25

Application examples of spectroscopic imaging equipment

1.Make concrete life visible. Nondestructive infrastructure inspection
*Measurement of aging of concrete
*Simplification of inspection of infrastructure such as brigde or building
*Nondestructive and no-contact measurement in wide view range
2.Make food delicioiusness visible. Food component analysis
*Visualize component distribution such as oil, sugar, moisture, or protein.
*Greasy or delicious part is discriminable in various food.
*Any sized samples are measurable and kept hygienic with no-contact method
3.Make invisible materials visible. Material identification by infrared light
*Easy discrimination of materials such as plastic
*Resin color which seems same to human eyes can be discriminated and identified at one time.
*Suitable for material separation at recycling site or quality control
4.Make invisible change visible. Chemical reaction time analysis
*Visualize invisible chemical reaction distribution.
*Sensitive measurement contributes to less damage to samples and to no need for pretreatmemnt such as staining
*Magnification suitable for application is settable

Technical data

2017.05.01 Monthly magazine 'Optical Alliance (May 2017)' (Professor Ishimaru)
2016.12.10     Monthly magazine 'Optical Alliance (May 2017)' (Professor Ishimaru)
2016.09.01 'Material Testing Research (July 2016)
2015.02.25     Article in a mothly magazine 'OpluseE (March 2015)' (Professor Ishimaru)

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