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New arrival technology EM Noise Shielding Package

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EM Noise Shielding Package

Shield package structure drawing

Internal Structure of EM Noise Shielding Package Cross-section of EM Noise Shielding Package


・To allow downsizing compared to conventional metal plate shielding, since there is no need to put mounting pad
for metal case connecting.
・To provide low-profile package by using thinner electroforming substrate (acceptable from Typ 0.30mm).
Noise Reduction
・To realize higher EMI shield effect by forming shield metal film on the upper surface and four sides of package.
Design Flexibility
・To allow flexible package design because of independent terminal array pattern forming.


・Smartphones, Cellular phones, Tablet Terminals, Wearable Products
・PC, DSC, Game Consoles, Household Appliances, Health Care Products
・Satellite Communication Equipments, Radio Devices(Radar, Aerials, etc.)

Size Data:80KB

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