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MEMS Device

Our Nano tweezes are made of silicon wafer with our MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology.

Voltage supply by a specific controller gives smoothness to grasp operation which makes it possible to grasp nano to micro size objects.

Line up

Line up Size Approach example
0mm - 6mm Yeast fungus
Red blood cell
6mm - 25mm Foreign substance
25mm - 50mm Crystal material
solder balls
25mm - 50mm Hair
Llineup classified for sample size to be used

Nano Tweezers make various approaches possible to few μm�E�tens of μm sized samples one by one.

*Gather or move few μm sized particle.
*Remove or take out few μm sized particle.
*Invetigate behavior by giving vibration, and evaluate its characteristic.

They can be used in various ways depending on usage.
Please feel free to contact us if you have a trouble with treatment of micro-sized tiny foreign particle, components, cells, or crystals.

Line up(Product development)

Tip than the current nano tweezers have developed a long type.

By lengthening the tip wider range that can be immersed in the liquid.

Nanotweezers specification / configuration

Nanotweezers specification
Product Name Tip spacing
Tip thickness
Maximum gripping force
Material Vacuum Water-repellent coat
ATN-PM010A 7.0 5.0 300 Single-crystal silicon
(SiO2 with film)
ATN-PM010CW-A 7.0 5.0 300 Single-crystal silicon
(SiO2 with film)
ANT-PM026CW 26.0 24.0 150 Single-crystal silicon
(SiO2 with film)
Nanotweezers configuration
1. Dedicated controller
2. AC adapter
3. Dedicated relay cable
4. Support arm
5. Nanotweezers
Data size:945KB
Data size:2.68MB
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